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LASIK Consultations & Management

Picture of a Doctor performing LASIK surgery

LASIK refractive surgery pre- and post-operative care is provided by Vision Care Associates.  Independent evaluations are available for patients desiring to know if they are good candidates for LASIK.  The comprehensive laser eye surgery exam will involve tests you may recognize such as pupil dilation and prescription measurement.  Others may be different, such as measuring your cornea in detail and a tear-film test to check for dry eyes.  All tests will be explained before they are performed and are painless.   

To prepare for the consult, you may be instructed to stop using contact lenses in the days or weeks leading up to your evaluation.  Contact lenses distort the shape of the cornea, and your doctor will want your cornea to have returned to its natural shape by the day of your laser eye surgery consultation.  During the consultation, you will be able to speak with the doctor about your use of eye glasses and contacts and your expectations after the LASIK procedure is performed.  While many people want to be free from contacts or glasses after LASIK surgery, it may not be possible.  Good laser eye surgery candidates have realistic goals, such as reducing the need for eye glasses and contact lenses or enjoying a more active lifestyle.

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